Walmart shenanigans.
Messing with the 'record a message' toys at Walmart.
It was her habit to build up laughter out of inadequate materials.

My laugh always seems to be changing. Sometimes it is soft, almost silent - more of a smile and a gesture of the shoulders. But at other times, it follows my mother's laugh - an intake of the breath till the air whistles in my lungs, sounding like a honking goose. When my laugh gets like this, I find that the people around me seem to laugh just a little more. 

And yet, those things I will laugh about do not change. I will laugh at ironies, at silly situations, at compounded bad luck, and at all those wonderful jokes that life plays on me. I have always found Gary Larson's comics to be of the topmost quality.

If I ever want a laugh, I can make my way to the nearest Walmart store, and find myself in the candle section. This is where I like to be, among the oddly named balls of sickly-sweet smelling wax. I love to ruminate over each title, and then there is that surprise as I open the glass top and actually smell the supposed scent of 'icing berry,' only to find that it is more like 'barbie baked a birthday cake out of sugared rainbows and unicorns.' 

Here are some of my more recent favourites:


Fresh cut herbs candle at Walmart.

Here we have a classic candle scent:

fresh cut herbs

Mmm... I love me some cilantro and basil. (No, really, I do).

Coastal wood candle at Walmart. Hilarious candle smells.

Now this one is a little more specific.

This candle is for those of us who live nowhere near the sea, so that we might bring that pungent smell of coastal woods into our homes. Please do note: coastal woods are not to be confused with woods of the inland variety.

Laundry day candle at Walmart.

The smell of laundry day... that day on which I do my laundry.
Yup, that is a great smelling day.

Warm Autumn Sweater candle - funny candles at Walmart.

This one really takes the cake though...

warm autumn sweater

Because we all know that sweaters have a very distinct smell, depending on their seasonal variety.