Strawberry Hot Springs at Steamboat - in the winter steam rises from the snow.

SUBLIMATION | CO2(s) -> CO2(g)

The dead of middle winter
Glacés the waters
Hydrogen molecules and hexagonal structures

All but the hot springs, a holy place
A trinity of waters
Creeping ices
Visions of mist like foam in the air
And the waters wrapped around my body
Precisely the way clothing isn't

The dead of middle winter
Hurts my toes
Turns my hair into icicles
I am becoming crystalline

Triangular influences
Wrack my winter body
From the waist down I am water
Waist up I am steam
From high above the moon
pulls my blood
the way it affects the waters

A process of sublimation begins
A rarity
Dissolving a little at the edges
I am turned from solid form
Into steam
Mists and vapors
Draped over the earth

I am the one
the moon

Snow in the trees among the steam at Strawberry Hot Springs.
Crazy snow tree shapes, knarled from the steam at Strawberry Hot Springs, Colorado.
Full moon seen through the steam and snow at Strawberry Hot Springs.