Red mountains, pine trees and snow in Colorado.


Life in Colorado is the dopest. 





We drive everywhere, and when we drive, we like to listen to music, sharing the auxiliary cord between our various cell phones. I put my feet on the dashboard if it will be a long trip; I like the freedom. 

We meet up with others for urban rail sessions, down by the fairgrounds. I bring the beers, they bring their snowboards and the bungee cord. The guys try and make the stair rail from a tiny two foot jump of gathered snow.

We play a lot of pool. I mean, a heck-of-a-lot of pool. There are pool tournaments, one-on-one revenge games, and then those casual ones we fit in before dinner.

We make paper lanterns and try to send them off into the night. We use wax paper, wire, and bits of a bath sponge soaked in lighter fluid. We fail utterly and completely, but then spend the next half hour watching things burn.

We go to Woodward nearly every second day, to use the olympic trampolines, to slack-line (me) and to sometimes just muck around in the foam pit (everyone.)

Brenda and I take trips to go exploring in tumbled-down houses and to get ice cream.

We take a few walks to the supermarket, to get some vegetables, because we are feeling so terribly ill from all the junk-food, and because we like to have a laugh over the silly things they sell. Whoever thought up pancake-covered hot dogs?

We watch Tommy Wiseau's The Room at least twice in three months.

And sometimes the guys convince me to go bowling, so they can show off.


The gang at Woodward - Brenda, Oliver, Dannin and Faith.
Snowy mountains and pine trees in Colorado's Vail Valley.
Winter boots on the dashboard, road trips.
Pine cones on a pine tree.
Skis on a ski rack at Vail ski resort.
Faith with a balloon, walking in the snow.
Me and Faith in colorado's snowy winter
American flag snowboard socks and a practice board at Woodward.
Warm winter snowboarding socks.
Strings of glass lights in the day time.
Ollie making a snow-bank angel.
Body shape in a snow bank. Snow angels.
Sunglasses and road trips - reflections in rear view mirror.
Bowling at the bowling alley in Gypsum, Colorado.
Urban rail sesh colorado.
Ice skating in the Vail Village at christmas time.
Snowboarding and beer is the perfect combo.
Making paper lanterns for New Years. 
Dannin Eccles snowboarder.