Marie Antoinette invitations
The Queen introduced sleighing parties, which were organised like this: the Queen invited the women she wanted to be there. When she invited the princesses, she sent a page to convey her personal invitation to those of the princesses’ ladies-in-waiting it pleased her to choose; usually she only asked one at a time. We went from Versailles to country houses, to La Muette, to Meudon, etc. There, we descended from the sleighs, went into a salon, got warm, chatted for three-quarters of an hour or an hour; after that, we got back into the sledges and returned to Versailles.
— Madame de Genlis - Memoirs

While I did not send out a page to convey my personal invitation to join in my birthday celebrations, I did sketch up a few parchments with roses and gold leaf, one for each member of my party.

Hand painted Marie Antoinette invitations with pink ribbons, feathers, roses, and gold leaf
Marie Antoinette hand painted and calligraphed party invitations with gold leaf.
Marie Antoinette party invitations