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The life of Marie Antoinette was both charmed and fraught, filled with happinesses as well as sufferings. In essence, Marie was like any one of us: a human, moving through life in the best way she could. Yet, in many ways Marie lived in a dream. As the princess of France, she could bring to life any fancy, any whim; she could surround herself with gardens, and friends, and parties, and simple pleasures such as good books and fresh foods from her own farm. Oh, to be Marie for a day in the fragrant gardens of the Petit Trianon... That would be an experience. 

Marie, ever a fan of parties, would throw the most lavish balls and fêtes, as well as the most intimate gatherings of friends. 

Marie Antoinette could not fail to do the honours of Trianon for her guests. There was given in the theatre ‘Zemire et Azor’ by Gretry, and ‘Jean Fracasse au Serail,’ a ballet by Gerdet; the dances were gay, the costumes very rich, the actors excellent. After the play there was supper; after the supper an illumination. The garden looked like fairy-land; the queen enjoyed all these splendours, which were hers, and her grace and kindness and delicate thoughtfulness added to them. ‘How much I should like to live with her!’ the Comtesse du Nord said, on the day following this entertainment.

Then on Saturday, June 8, there was a fancy-dress ball at Versailles. The salons, and especially the gallery, were beautifully decorated with a profusion of candles and girandoles. The whole court was in full dress, the king having ordered that every one should be as brilliant as possible, or not appear.
— The Life of Marie Antoinette - by Maxime de la Rocheterie

It was these dreamy garden parties that inspired me to hold my own soirée, in honour of friendship, and of my twentieth birthday.

On her twenty-first birthday, Marie threw a party like no other:

the festivities began 36 hours before the big day. At around 7pm on October the 30th, the Faro tables opened at the château de Fontainebleau. Marie and her guests proceeded to drink, play card games, and be merry until the small hours of November the 1st.

While my own birthday was a little less epic, I planned it in the same flawless style as Marie: down to the very last detail. I sent out my invitations, planned the table settings and dinner menus, and organised many games. Everything was there for the delight of my friends. 

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