carpet of cherry blossom petals
Natural infiorata with cherry blossom petals forming a carpet.

Every year, in the spring, a carpet of petals blooms under the feet of the cherry blossom trees. Scattered in every-which-way with the wind, the petals fall in drifts, till all the patio is pink. 

Going back many hundreds of years, the people's of the earth have practiced throwing or arranging flower petals at the turning of spring. The people of Italy still carry on this practice today, with the festivals of Infiorata - where petals of different colours are laid down carefully into a brightly patterned carpet. These carpets are worked in a matter of hours, and seem to appear overnight. They can disappear just as quickly. 

Maybe the cherry blossom trees are practicing their own kind of joyous spring celebration, laying down their petals in natural carpets, drifts, and swirling mandalas.