bouquet cherry blossom


Flora (noun) - the plants of a particular region | Tillexis (verb) - to pick or pluck
1. The desire to pick or pluck flowers

When you pick a dandelion, notice the way that the stem is hollow, made up of vertical fibrous strands... If you are to run your fingernail down the dandelion stem, you will find it breaks quite cleanly in two (unlike a daisy stem, which is a much more solid thing).

Sometimes, I like to pull apart the stem of a dandelion, winding each half around my wrist until it becomes a kind of ephemeral bracelet. Other times, I will pick a bunch of small flowers and thread them into the hollow dandelion stem, making a bouquet or a posy. 

Traditionally, posies were given as gifts in the Middle Ages, and were bound with cloth or with silver to be worn around the neck or waist. My posies are bound by nature, and I leave them as gifts to be found by any wandering spirit.