Seven storey playing card tower

For a few weeks, I became quite obsessed with building card towers. It began as a competition between friends, with a few winning towers of two or three stories, and then sky-rocketed from there. Soon, every idle moment was spent building towers, accidentally knocking them down, swearing, and rebuilding. 

There was that ever present goal: nine stories high. I could never reach it, as my favourite deck, with the worn edges, would not stretch that far. The eight story tower was, and still is, my limit. But one of these days I will conquer that number nine, and have the honour of chanting Queen's 'We Are the Champions' as I dance around the living room, (very very carefully of course). 




Start by carefully leaning two cards against one another, in an upside-down 'v' shape.

Then make another, as close to the first as possible.

Now, place one card face down as a 'roof' over the two upside-down 'v's, so that it stabilises both of them. The trick is to use each 'roof' to stabilise the cards underneath it. If they are unstable, poke them a little till they sit more comfortably.

The number of 'v's on the bottom layer directly corresponds with how many storeys your tower will turn out to be. For example: 3 bottom 'v's = 3 storeys high. 

It is always best to work with old card decks, as the edges will be a little worn and will provide more friction and stability to your tower. Newer decks are much more slippery. So, if you have an old and a new deck, use the old first, as the tower's foundation will be much more stable.

Have patience.