Sunrise in NZ while driving
Sunrise in NZ

When mum and dad go away on long business trips, I am left with the task of driving my younger sister to school each day. 

The getting-out-of-bed part is always the hardest, and I wonder how I ever managed to get up so early for school in the first place. Then I remember why I was generally late to my first class.

Rachel on the other hand is up and ready, and knocking at my door asking me: can we go now? I reluctantly schloop myself out of bed, foregoing any form of dressing, and get into the car with my pajamas and slippers, to drive Rachel to school. 

Yet, I find there is something quite special about these early morning car trips. Rachel chatters away beside me, and every so often we sing together, me bleary-eyed, her bright and chirpy. It is winter and the sun is only just rising in the east. Then there is that moment of calm and silence after Rachel runs off to class, and I am left to contemplate the beauty of the sunrise. I always feel thankful in that moment that I am free to enjoy these things: free to see the sunrise without a care in the world, free to wear my pajamas in the car and then go home and get back in bed for another hour. 

Later in the day, I feel as if I have achieved so much more that morning, simply because I got up earlier and spent a few moments in mindfulness and simple bliss. 

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
— Laura Ingalls Wilder