Standing on the side of the road

It was hot and dusty, on the side of the road. The guys were debating over the merits of peeing in the radiator, which was emitting steam and a foul smell. But Rachel and I were oblivious, instead peering under our hands at the brightly lit fields about us. The hay bales were calling to me.

Just one jump of a fence, and a leg-up, and I could be Queen of the World on one of those hay bales, surveying my kingdom around me. Well, it turns out, climbing hay bales is more of a difficult and dangerous business than I first thought, and they are always threatening to roll over and squash you. But no matter, with a bit of pushing and pulling, we were up. It took another quarter of an hour for the guys to realise that pee + radiators = not so smart, but during that time, I quite enjoyed taking a moment to breath and look around me. 

It is not often that we get to actually be in the landscapes that swirl past us, as we stare out the car window. 

Car broke down at the side of road NZ
Broken red wooden road side markers
Red sneakers and gold hay
Standing atop a hay bale in NZ