Jersey cow in the paddock at home

Sometimes all I wish to do upon a day is to wander about the farm, seeing what is happening here and there and everywhere. This kind of past-time is quite rewarding, as it keeps one close with nature, in touch with the seasons, and filled with all the ripe berries and nuts that are growing on nearby bushes. At times I am accompanied by the dogs, and my sister-in-law Faith, but mostly it is just me and the fairies wandering around the paddocks.  

The best thing to do is to go and visit the farm animals. There are a few of them: sheep, horses, cows and pigs, (and a couple chickens if you can find them). It is fascinating to interact with these guys, and it never ceases to excite me when a sheep or a cow comes closer, curious about my presence. If I stand real still, I can emit a sense of calm, and then slowly, slowly a large brown cow plods towards me, and stares at me from under her beautiful big eye-lashes.

And blown by all the winds that pass
And wet with all the showers,
She walks among the meadow grass
And eats the meadow flowers.
— Robert Louis Stevenson

Autumn leaf on the farm
Wooden spade in the garden