Lighthouse on the Otago Peninsula, NZ


Let us play a game of 'I spy' along the windy headlands and grey coasts of the Otago Peninsula. On any given day, this is what you might find...

New Zealand sheep in the hills and on sea cliffs

A flock of sheep all bleating and baah-ing. 

Trotting along the spiny ridge by the sea.

New Zealand fur seals on Otago Peninsula

A pod of seals, slinking on rocks.

Basking in the slight sun of the south.

NZ yellow eyed penguin on Otago Peninsula

A waddle of penguins, heading for home.

With yellow eyes blinking, and flippers a-flapping. 

NZ Royal albatross in Dunedin Harbour

A rookery of albatross, soaring the seas.

Long wings outstretched, as calm as could be.

The Monarch cruise Dunedin harbour
Binoculars exploration of the seas
Life saver on Monarch Boat

And king of them all, a great humpback whale.

Who surges and dives, with a flip of his tail.