Walking paths in Edinburgh in autumn.



October 25th 2014 - 

I am currently in one of those dilemmas that seem to hit at the worst times: namely, I find myself drawn to doing absolutely nothing productive while the deadline for two major essays looms over me. 

So, in the spirit of procrastination, I decided to write a blog post on absolutely nothing. 

Do you ever get that feeling that you are being too calm? You know you should be panicking about the essay sitting in front of you. I mean, if you don't finish it today you are screwed! But instead, you feel somewhat relaxed... almost too relaxed, your mind is foggy and you are tempted to sleep. You decide now is a great time to rearrange all your coloured notes, or look at your split-ends for a while. 

Yup. That is me. The one sitting in the library, wishing that there wasn't a ban on food above the first floor, yet too lazy to move to the first floor to eat. Why would they do this to me? I mean, sure it is annoying when certain people eat loudly with their mouths agape (it drives me bonkers), but I am sure I could eat my cherry tomatoes very quietly. 

I am sitting on the fourth floor with the periodicals, where I had to finish a comparison of two archaeology magazines just the other day. I had, yet again, left it to the last minute, as you do, and found that there were only three of each magazine left with corresponding dates. If that makes any sense. I found that, of these pairs, only two were suitable for a comparison. I then realised that, if anyone were to take these last two, I would be royally screwed. So I did what any normal person would do, and I hid them. 

When I came back to retrieve them, I knocked them behind the books, and watched as they got stuck somewhere between the shelves. It made a very loud sound in a very quiet library, (you see, it was not on the first floor with those noisy-eating-buggers), and I swore a little. Then I proceeded to fish them out and walk in the opposite direction of anyone who could have seen me, before making my way back around the stairs. I was headed for the first floor, so I could read and eat in peace. 



October 20th 2014 - 

I have crawled out of my apartment and found myself blinking in the light of day. After three days of seclusion, the sun seems very bright. If I continue in this manner, studying all day ever day, I might just turn into a gollum-like creature with big eyes to see in my dining room gloom.

On the plus side, I have a new appreciation for life; everything seems so beautiful and new. I find myself smiling at the smallest of things. People for instance, people had become rare creatures, but here they are, walking about and talking on cellphones! 


The leaves have turned, and they lie on the paths of Holyrood, painting the dirt with splotches of yellow and ruddy orange.
The supermarket is heralding in the Christmas season, with shelves of mince pies and plum puddings. I promptly bought two packets of each.
I found great joy in wandering the National Museum, studying the rocks and the animal skeletons. 
Sometimes I give myself over to a movie, and I will eat my whole supply of chocolates. The best pairing: 1929's silent 'Die Büsche der Pandora' with a box of Leonidas pralines.
There are now berries growing from the hedgerows. 
I took off a whole afternoon to look over the books at the public library, choosing only those I would read for pleasure, and taking my time to stare at the pictures.
And, as ever, it is always a delight to break in my studies, cook dinner, and sit, fork in one hand, Tolkien in the other...


Starry skies - lights and black background.
Organic british christmas mince pies
Autumn leaves on sidewalk, black and white
Reading LotR
Tiny tea set in a doll's house.
Sciency stuff in a glass case at the Edinburgh Museum.
Chocolates and watching old movies
Red berries and rocks.
Pumpkin and patterned carpet.
Reading books at the library.