Sitting in Holyrood Park looking out over the city of Edinburgh.


Sitting up on the ledge, below Arthur's seat, the city sprawled before me and I could hear my breath in my ears, in my chest, as the silence caught me. The climb was long, and, as usual, I had let my excitement take me with leaps and bounds up the rocky incline, until I could feel my lungs squeezing too tight. I sat down, a bit light headed, and felt my eyes adjust to the scene...

The sun sent down a layer of misty light to settle in the folds of the town. 

A raven circled, taking the wind under its feathered arms. My eyes followed as it floated across the thin air... over the city... nothing beneath it. I imagined what it would be like to leap out into the blue eye of the sky, weightless. 

Beneath me the sounds of the city made a muffled murmuring noise.

Cold wind ruffling strands of my hair, wafting them in gold threads across my vision. 

Freezing fingers on warm legs, wrapped close. 

It was such an inward-looking moment,
such joy at nothing; at everything. 

Path the Arthur's Seat, in sepia tones, Edinburgh.
Sitting and watching the city move.
Holyrood Park cliffs and view of the city of Edinburgh - in sepia tones.
Leap into the sky above the city.