Vintage 1950's christmas decorations


Natalie is a beautiful soul: kind spirited and vivacious, laughing wholeheartedly without reserve. She is my partner-in-crime when it comes to Christmas.

We always swap nostalgic tidbits, about Home Alone or Nigella's chocolate truffle recipes. When we are together, we like to reminisce about christmases so-far-past, that we never even experienced them: about vintage trees, gilded walnuts, pomanders, and may baskets filled with candy canes. 

Not surprisingly, Natalie's christmas decorations are always gorgeous. I always remember the year that I stayed late at her house, gluing gumdrops onto a gingerbread house and marvelling at her bountiful looking christmas tree. It was laden with all manner of heirloom baubles and giant blooms of purple hydrangea flowers... 

White tree with gold angel
Vintage 1950's Christmas bird decoration
Vintage christmas tree hydrangea flowers
Gingerbread house and christmas lights
Natalie's vintage Christmas tree