Christmas tree handmade fabric angel

It is a real delight to take down my Christmas boxes each year, lift the lids and push aside the crinkly tissue paper to rediscover those felt and fabric decorations I made the year before... 

A pair of reindeer, sewn from a burnt-gingerbread-hued fabric, and reigned with twine and small gingham hearts. They pad out the box, protecting those glass decorations that sit behind them.
A stack of felt houses, like spiced cookies, iced with white-thread doors and windows. They are hung on the tree by their red ribbons with care.
A clutch of small fabric hearts, in all patterns of red and white, and each decorated differently.
A sparkly clay house, painted white as if frosted over with snow, and cushioned in old wrapping paper. I made this one when I was 13 years old.
A folded bit of fabric, which, when it is pulled out, reveals itself to be an advent calendar in the shape of a house, with red pockets for windows. Inside one of them is a collection of sparkly papers, counting from 1 to 25. 
Four small gingerbread men, soft bellied and spun about with bows and buttons.
And the jewel of my collection...
An angel with a 20's bobbed hairstyle, made from clay and calico, and hand-painted with rosy cheeks. Her dress is a slip of silk, and lace and ribbon to tie it altogether.
I lift her out of the tissue paper, gingerly, as she seems almost delicate.

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