Mount Solaro, Anacapri. One of the most beautiful places in Italy! 

Above the island of Capri, everything melts into a dream of pure, sparkling blue. The sky is newly washed. The sea shifts and sways. The world breathes out.

White scudding water. A boat far below.

A lizard scatters across the rocks, clinging to the vertical crevices.

The atmosphere is composed of 98% warmth.

And the view rolls on with a sigh into blue mountains.
Way up here, yellow budded flowers tingle. 

We lose the path for the forest.
Then the forest for a crop of stones.
Then a ledge above a cliff
- we walk on - 
to the edge of existence. 

Oliver walking on Mount Solaro, off the track, through the rocks and yellow flowers
Sitting on a rock looking over the island of Capri
Yellow flowers and the mountains of Capri
Walking off the path on Mount Solaro
Oliver hiding in the forest on Mount Solaro
Wishing on a giant dandelion clock