Life in Capri is just a dream, filled with flowers
A beautiful painted tiled bench in Anacapri

So many things on the island of Capri were smaller than usual. The roads, for instance, would not have fit a normal-sized car in a million years. Instead, the arm-length lanes are occupied by scooters, toy-sized trucks and people making their journey on foot. As one vehicle attempts to pass another, an onlooker might feel a slight flutter of anxiety, the distances between the two often equating to a hair's breadth.

The island itself is tiny too. The perfect size for family of Crusoes or Robinsons to explore after a shipwreck.

However, Capri also manages to seem larger than life. Like a tree - upon first glance it seems passive and sleepy. Yet, look a little closer, and it is teeming with spiders, bees, ladybugs and birds, who all make their homes in a tree, as do mosses and creeping vines.

As a tree is brimming with life, so Capri is brimming with energy, colour, and absurdity.

Cute little white houses on Anacapri
Punta Carena Lighthouse on Anacapri
Painted scooter on Capri - a necessity to get around the tiny roads
Passionfruit flowers on Capri
Seashells being sold on Capri island
Religious figures in a small shrine in a wall in Anacapri
Fruit popsicle in the lovely colourful Anacapri
A mother and two children on a scooter - so Italian!
Italian pasta on Capri
An Italian cherub baby looking out at the ocean
Sunset over Capri rocks
Mild winters and cool summers temper its climate,
the shores are lapped by the waters
of a harmless sea.
Peace untroubled reigns there,
and life is leisurely and calm,
with quiet undisturbed,
and sleep unbroken.
Sunset over Anacapri island