san telmo palace Sevilla

I have come into my garden...
I have gathered my myrrh with my spice.
I have eaten my honeycomb and my honey;
I have drunk my wine and my milk.

Is it not a product of our Christianised minds, to demonise all that is pleasurable? To instead revere asceticism. Even those of the Buddhist and Zen inclinations would tell us to avoid an attachment to material things. And yet, I assert there is some good in the material aspect of the world, and our pleasures in those things. Carnal desires. The root chakra. The base instinct. These have their origins in the Earth - rooted to all that is Earthly. For, if we are to truly appreciate the miracle of our lives and bodies, we should engage with life around us, putting every ounce of our being into sensing every inch of the world. And what an abundance of beauty and suffering the world is! What a difference a candle makes, or a watermelon. It is a wonder we are able to experience life, and it is wonder we experience when we come openly to life. 

Sometimes, I like to force all of my being, all of my existence into only one sense; at other times I let the world wash over me like a symphony.



. . .


pigeons on white sky
red hibiscus flower
traina sevilla
beautiful twisted trees Spain
sevilla palm trees
cathedral door tympanum sevilla
pink patio sevilla
spanish conquistador sevilla
pink Spanish baroque church
indian archives fountain sevilla
red hibiscus flower
palm leaves
chestnut sellers sevilla
gothic cathedral spires sevilla
blue carrousel
palm trees and churches
edificio la adriatica sevilla
painting of gypsies by Jose Garcia Ramos
street madonna
walled garden
shadows of flowers
pink orange and yellow lantana flowers
churros con chocolate
triana colorful waterfront sevilla
open arms
red rose
nuns in sevilla
datura huge white flower
yellow stucco
datura flower
park maria Luisa sevilla fountain
swans maria Luisa sevilla
hands painted by Antonio maria esquival
birds of paradise
plaza de espana
sevilla tiles
spanish tiles
pink patio sevilla
plaza de espana bridge
palacio de las duenas
pink stepped fountain
basilica Macarena
gilded vase
orange tree
spanish arches
saint Matilde by taller de zurbaran
orange trees
tapas time
plaza de cabildo sevilla
tapas sevilla
triana market
Jamon sevilla
christ tiles
blue Spanish tiles
barrio Santa Cruz
goddess painting
colorful church sevilla
tiled spanish bench
lazy susan sevilla
baked by nuns
plaza del toro
boating plaza de España
elaborate church facade
palacio de las duenas
estudio flamenca
salmorejo and wine sevilla
sevilla at night
devotional candles
palacio de las duenas garden
carved Spanish ceiling
church flowers
isabella bridge at night