Madonna Della Corona, a church by the cliff in Verona.



in the mountain's shoulder

there is a rose gem


A fat, red-breasted robin had come to examine us: two human beings, sitting amongst dead leaves. Un-stirring. The wind could not reach this corner of the world, and the view before us was still and glassy...

Framed by bare boughs, a pink temple of the Madonna was slowly being illuminated in the morning sunshine. Where the light touched the walls, they burnt with white fire.

I relished the stillness,
the deep morning silence
of stone in the courtyard
bone in the cold ground
leafless tree branch
making no sound.

A small red breasted Robin is curious about our doings.
Madonna Della Corona, a pink church in the rock cliffs of Verona.
Pink rock church on a cliff near Verona.
Small pink shrine on the cliffside.
Pink stone church, Italy.
Shrine in a rocky alcove.
Madonna Della Corona, church on a cliffside in Verona.