Princes Street Christmas market with the ferris wheel lit up at night time, Edinburgh.

DECEMBER 18 2014

There were... seven days till Christmas and my footsies said to me: let’s go see a Christmas tree. Or twenty.



My barely-contained excitement as I watched the creation of the Christmas Market on Princes Street, five weeks before the big event. And not a moment too soon, I thought!
Choirs decked out in red robes, and singing 'Good King Wenceslas' by the National Gallery.
Hot apple toddies.
Hot beverages of any kind, for that matter. 
The first bout of snow: 
it came upon an evening cold,
those glorious stars unfurled.
From angels bending near the earth,
To blanket it with pearls.
The decorations, and oh! those twinkling lights, and ribbons, and all those windows bedecked with tokens of the season.
The wonderful assortments of sweet meats, candies, lollies, cakes, mince pies and puddings on the shelves of the supermarket. All winking at me.
The days getting shorter, with night descending at 3:30 pm, one cannot help but dream of firesides, books, and pints at a warm pub.
The wonderful revelries throughout the city, and not least of all, that now-bustling market on the Princes Street where it is possible to buy a crepe and wander around inspecting wooden spoons all evening while being serenaded by all manner of Christmassy songs. AKA heaven on earth.
All those moments spent with friends, they become even more frequent around this time of year. You may find me of an evening at the library or at the pub, talking with my peers.
Christmas lights Edinburgh New Town
Edinburgh christmas markets in Princes Street gardens - with view of the city at night.
Merry go round with bright stripes at night, in the Edinburgh christmas market.
Belgian chocolate waterfall cart at the Edinburgh Christmas Market.
French baguette cart at the Edinburgh christmas market, by the ferris wheel.
a picnic spread on Calton Hill
An owl with beautiful orange eyes.
Christmas tree in the Medical department of the University of Edinburgh 
Carol singing choir at the Edinburgh Christmas Market at night.
A couple enjoying a hot cider drink at a cart in the Edinburgh Christmas Market.
Star lanterns at the Edinburgh Christmas market, all lit up at night.
Christmas lights and evergreen swathes on Princes Street.
Hot mead, cider, wines and toddies at a cart in the Edinburgh Christmas Market.
Ferris wheel all lit up at night in Edinburgh.
The Edinburgh Christmas Market on Princes Street at sunset.