Dean Village in winter, Edinburgh.


I have always been fascinated by those spaces that exist in a kind of in-between. Back in art school, I made two small studies on the notion, and conducted original research by walking around my hometown to find those in-between spaces: a hidden garden on an island in a golf course; a small bench beside the river behind the University buildings; a walkway linking two streets, passing through the old churchyard. I love that these places exist only because of the negative space created by the buildings around them. They seem to be cut off from our own world - walk into one, and you pass beyond a barrier of time. 

My search is ongoing.

One of the most glorious spaces I have encountered was the tiny town of Dean Village. Walk only five minutes past the shops of Princes Street, and turn down the right road, then you may find the village. It is hidden from plain view, behind a jumble of roofs and bracken.

Dean Village Well Court by the river.
Standing on the bridge of the river in Dean Village, winter time with a scarf.
Autumn leaf and winter boots on the stone path.
Pink berries on bare branches and a stone house in Dean Village.
The Leith Walkway near Dean Village on a rainy day in winter.
Dean Village and winter trees reflected in the dark Leith river.