On the beach in Tulum by the ruins.


Houses painted in all kinds of jewel colours
sheds and clucking chickens
a tiny piñata shop overflowing onto the street; the maker herself sitting in a wicker chair
a lazy dog sleeping on the roadside, completely oblivious to the noise and dust
people chatting and sleeping in doorways
the broiling heat
the flames of a taco stand
wafts of grilling corn tortillas
at least eight household shrines to the Virgin Mary, decked out in candles, ribbons and rainbows

I think my heart went out to these Mexican towns upon the very first glance. And, although most of our stay was spent by the blue waters and touristy sites of Akumal, my heart decided to stay back in the dusty streets of elsewhere. So alive, so real, so crazy and cuckoo and happening and now. Those are the places I wish to get to know, if ever given the chance to go back to Mexico.

The vendors selling fresh coconuts on little stalls off the highway. They would hack the top off the green husk, wait till you drink the water inside before stripping the insides of the fresh jelly, which they would mix with lime and chili.
Everything with lime and chili. Everything.
A scooter whizzing past with two young barefooted passengers.
A scooter whizzing past holding a family: a mother, father, and two children.
A scooter meandering past ridden by a young guy holding a tiny dog above his head.


Palm leaves and white flowers.
Colourful painted apartments in Akumal, near Cancun, Mexico.
Fresh fruit in Mexico - pineapples and bananas.
Underwater photo of a reef in Akumal, Mexico.
Red hibiscus flower, up close.
A plate of real Mexican tacos de pollos asada.
Habanero chillies of all different colours.
Colourful parrots at Xcaret, in Cancun.
Looking up at a waterfall in Cancun.
Turquoise crosses at a cemetery in Mexico.
A very colourful painted house-like grave marker in a Mexican cemetery.
Small colourful concrete houses near Cancun, Mexico. With palm trees outside.
A mango seller on a bicycle in Mexico.
A pink house and palm tree in Akumal, Mexico.
Voladores de Papantla in Cancun - men climbing a tall pole in a mexican ceremony.
Flamingos by water, seen through green leaves.
Pink concrete houses and palm trees in Mexico.
Stormy weather and colourful fences and palm trees in Akumal, near Cancun.
Ik Kil Cenote swimming in Cancun, Mexico.
Xel Ha Lagoon in Cancun, Mexico.
An iguana in the park of Chichen Itza.
Dancers in beautiful dresses at the Xcaret show.
Mariachi style violin players at Xcaret in Mexico.
Fire games played at Xcaret in Mexico.