Is there not something particularly special about having to stay inside on a cold and blustery day - knowing you absolutely must make a hot chocolate, tend the fire, and spend three hours reading a book?

There is so much that is special about winter. Where to start...

Well firstly, making a fire is special in itself - as it involves scrunching up the newspaper, getting ink on your hands, and staring into the burning embers, letting them erase all your thoughts until your mind is enveloped by that black light and you forget about the room you are in. 


hoar frost Queenstown New Zealand
Waking up to a carpet of snow is a magical feeling. 
Almost as if the whole world was dusted with icing sugar in the wee hours of the night.
The snow makes all colours look that much brighter.
Gaudy houses become part of Santa's Village.
hoar frost on trees NZ
Occasionally, our kingdom is visited by the White Witch from the wardrobe, and all the land is enveloped in a frost.
snowy hills
red riding hood in winter
It is also very amusing when my breath comes out in a puff of clouds. That makes me laugh.
Besides, the adventures of Winter are always some of the best.
And when I return home, my cheeks are all hot and flushed from running through in the cold headwinds for so long. You can't beat that feeling of exhilaration.