A wild thing.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

So come along all you big-cats, sleeping in the sun.
and you, tawny owls, with the dark beady eyes,
you can bring your wild baby things too.
For the wild rumpus shall commence!
We will have food, to be sure.

And to all those short-haired spaniels, please make an appearance,
we need you to round up the sheep, the deer and the elk. 
But never-mind the yaks, they will arrive at 8.

And we will sit in the sun, and drink yak-milk-tea and talk of the wild.
Then, at around 9, we will spring up from our seats,
out into that wild,
hopping from hill to hill,
to find a high place.

There we can spy on the straight-horned mountain goat,
who was not invited to the wild rumpus, as his wild is just too crazy.
And he eats the carpet.

A whole new day ahead,
so wake up small piglets, open your eyes, the world is bright!
There is much hullabaloo-ing to be had.
Because every day brings on
a whole new party; a great big, rollocking, wild rumpus.


White owl and red berries.
Cute smiling mama owl with her fluffy babies.
Wildpark Assling in the Tyrol Valley, Austria.
Goat by a river.
A tiny watermill at wildpark assling in the mountains of Austria
A curious black and white owl.
Big wild cat with fluffy ears, wildpark assling.
Feeding a baby racoon at wildpark assling, Austria.
Baby wild pigs and their mother, sleeping in a hollowed out tree trunk.
Austrian mountain coaster!

To those who are curious:
the photos shown were taken at the gorgeous Assling Wildpark,
hidden between the mountainous folds of Tyrol, in Austria.