bumblebee in long grasses and clover

If you ever peer into a meadow full of long grasses, there you may find a whole 'nother world...

The world of the long grasses is inhabited by big, fat bumblebees who make a droning noise between the clover and the buttercups. 

There are long stalks of wheat, some with pointy ends and others that look fluffy, all of them growing golden yellow towards the harvest time. 

In this world, spiders weave giant webs between the grasses, catching small flies and dew drops in the morning. 

And every-so-often, a cluster of dandelion clock seeds drifts by, promising wishes to those who could capture them.


long grasses, wheat stalks and clover 
bumblebee in dandelions
wheat stalks and clover
Dog in the long grasses and wheat of summer