Costco Superstores are crazy and amazing with their free samples!

Journey with me a little

on my forays

into the weird foods of American gas stations and supermarkets...

Giant pizzas in America

We shall start with something tame, maybe a gigantic pizza served fresh from Costco.

Weird American orange pre-grated cheese

Now, please tell me this is grated carrot.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

America owns some of the best cereal brands: Cookie Crisp, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, all the good ones.

White Cheddar Cheese snow balls

I don't think I had ever encountered such a thing as 'white cheddar cheese flavour' before I visited the States. It seems to be pretty popular over there.

Brown Bread in a can... only in America

Ok, so this one is a little perplexing. Is it bread in a can? More importantly, is it pre-baked bread in a can? Only one way to find out...

f'real shakes in a sealed cup

If you have not heard of a f'real shake, then let me explain it to you... A milkshake sealed in a cup, from a gas station, that contains over 70% of your daily saturated fat intake.

Texas Cinnamon Roll

This is a cinnamon roll disguising itself as a plastic dog toy.

Nacho stand at the Gas Station

The nachos station - for your quick nachos fix.

Super stuffed ham sandwiches at the Gas Station

You never can have too much ham, right?

Gas Station rotating hot dogs

Roll up, roll up and take your bets on which hotdog at the gas station is still half frozen. Because one of them always is.

crayola crayon toothpaste.

One of the awesome non-food items I found - look closely and you will see what it really is.

Clean cotton car smell - Yankee Candle

Finally! My car can smell like clean cotton sheets!

Crisco butter flavoured lard

At first glance: whaaaaaat?
Second glance: Oh right.
Third glance: Wait... what?

Friskies party mix

Friskies Party Mix! For those times when your cat wants to hold a party.


And lastly, my all-time favourite... pancake battered frozen sausages!

Check out the berry-flavour.