The Crystal Mill photography in summer time, Colorado.

...working with the flow of water...


- Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci

By means of the mill I shall be able at any time to produce a current of air; in the summer I shall make the water spring up fresh and bubbling... The channel may be half a braccio wide, and there should be vessels there with wines always of the freshest, and other water should flow through the garden, moistening the orange trees and citron trees according to their needs. 

The herbage of the little brooks ought to be cut frequently so that the clearness of the water may be seen upon its shingly bed, those plants should be left that feed the fishes, such as watercress and other plants like these.

By means of the mill you will make many water conduits through the house, and springs in various places, and a certain passage where, when anyone passes, from all sides below the water will leap up, and so it will be there ready in case anyone should wish to give a shower-bath from below to the people who pass there.

Overhead we must construct a very fine net of copper that will cover over the garden and many different kinds of birds, and so you will have perpetual music together with the scents of the blossom of the citrons and the lemons.

With the help of the mill I will make unending sounds from all sorts of instruments, which will sound for so long as the mill shall continue to move. 

Small teepee in the mountains of Colorado.
Snow melt in the mountains near the Crystal Mill.
The Crystal Mill framed by two aspen trees in summer.
Blue skies and puffy clouds above the mountains of Colorado.
Pine forests and mountains, Colorado.
The Crystal Mill and the Crystal River, photographed in summer.