Sitting in the crook of a crescent shaped tree trunk - the Crooked Forest of Poland.


One night the forest was all aglow,

so much so

that no one would go

to the dell in the wald

except the Man in the Moon.


Down he came,

his carriage aflame

with a white light

that lit the night

in the wald,

The Man in the Moon and his steeds.


And out of the Moon, he hopped with a grin

for here was a place he could take a lie-in

and he leaned against a tree.


But soon his snores

filled that forest

with such a sound

that all came around

to see what it was about.


The fox and the hare,

found friendship there

when no thought was near

except a wonder that filled them with awe.


Soon it was dawn

and the forest grew dim

with a light that outshone the Moon.


And waking in shock

The Man gave a start,

to find he was late

for the Sun she was up

And the Moon was still not put out.


So up with a cry

he sprang to the sky,

his steeds by his side,

and neary a look at his back...


But if he had turned,

he would surely have learned

that he left an impression

on the trees all around him

the Moon's shape is now caught in his tracks!


~ by me, Zoe

A beautiful enchanted forest in Poland, where the tree trunks are crooked and crescent.
Gorgeous forest floor in the Crooked Forest of Poland - with pine cones, pine needles and forest items.
The crescent tree trunks of the Crooked Forest - with greenery on the forest floor.
Green and blue moss on an old pine - close up.
Crescent shaped pine trees in a forest of Poland.
The Crooked Forest of Poland - beautiful crescent shaped trees in an enchanted pine woods.
An eye in a branch - magic in nature.
Look up - the tops of the pines.
Oliver meditating in the Crooked Forest.