Young, wild and free

Alright, so I think it is time for some introductions. Because over in Colorado, there is a gang of cool kids I would like you to meet. First there is Oliver...


An awesome dude. Loves learning random facts and then talking about them all day. Also loves visiting zoos. Calls everyone 'son'. Knows how to brew beer, how to make omelettes, how to get through Zelda games on the highest level, how to snowboard like a professional, and how to do chemistry. Is now my husband. For real.


My brother, but I will forgive him for that. Quite a character, always ready to give his opinion on any matter, big or small. Over-achiever, ever-changing. Snowboarder, basketball player, skateboarder. All time grandpa, who likes to go to bed early, and a good glass of whisky.


Oliver's sister, and a real cutie patootie. Happy-go-lucky, full to the brim with ideas. Loves collecting crystals, and dogs. Always up for an adventure. Voice like a squirrel on helium. Gets a little stroppy sometimes, but never mind that. Dances like a boss. 


An odd couple. Oliver's brother and his girlfriend. Also dog collectors (current collection: 3). Lovers of King's Cup, bad movies, pizzas and doughnuts and good beer. Always joking about Dannin. Generous and kind, hardworking and just a little bit rich.


Me and the gang, we got up to all kinds of trouble. 

Young wild and free - Dannin and Oliver at Snow Daze party and concert in CO
Young, wild and free - being absolutely smashed in a bus stop and wrecking things
Cool kids - climbing around
Young wild and free
Young, wild and free - Lights in the bar
Playing king's cup
Dannin is one of the cool kids
Ollie is one of the cool kids