Riomaggiore photography - an Italian village on the coast of the Cinque Terre.


Every moment brings new leaves to you,

amazement overwhelming every other

fleeting joy: life comes on headlong waves

to this far garden corner.

Now you stare down at the soil:

an undertow of memories

reaches your heart and almost overwhelms it.

A shout in the distance: see, time plummets,

disappears in hurried eddies

among the stones, all memory gone: and I

from my dark lookout reach

for this sunlit occurrence.


Riomaggiore village in the Cinque Terre
Boats in the small bay of Riomaggiore, on the Cinque Terre
Purple flowers and a white and black butterfly
Fish and chips and fried sardines at Riomaggiore
Waves over rocks on the coast of the Cinque Terre

Rocks form the basis, holding tight to the sides of the cliffs, while the five villages spill over them towards the sea. And the sea itself is the impermanent - the symbol of constant change, of tides and swirls and weather patterns. A dynamic ebb-and-flow that will outlast both you and I.

At the very brink, there is a surging power. Earth meets sea meets sky. 

And there, in sleepy towns, visited by hordes of colourful daytrippers, tradition holds on tight like a limpet shell. The coming of spring heralds a procession, priests passing carpets of flowers - Italian mandalas wrought on the ground by petals that flutter in the wind. One swift gust could scatter the pictures therein. Nature here holds a fine balance - a kind of to-and-fro, where people have burrowed into the cracks and crannies. 

I was all reverence on the cliffs - standing and imagining a beautifully tragic fall, a joining of me and the sea. The longing to belong filled my being then. 

Infiorata flower shows and pictures made of flowers - a dove made of flowers
Infiorata pink and red and white flower petals
Infiorata colourful italian flower mandala made from petals, leaves and sand.
White stone flower carvings and small succulent plant
Striped orange and green sun umbrellas on the beaches of the Cinque Terre
Italian bruschetta with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and oregano 
An old italian man peering out his window and watching the street behind some washing
Sign for the Via Grande trail on the Cinque Terre
The view from a cliff on the Cinque Terre, Italy.