The Sun Salutations light installation at Zadar, Croatia.


c o s m o s . . .


I had this wonderful string of thoughts:


That perhaps our bodies are in sync with all the celestial bodies ~ in the same way that a woman's womb feels the tidal pulls of the moon.

That all the cosmos is interconnected, the design of an atom being similar to that of a universe.

That we are not unnatural beings, that no wall or car or appliance can ever change the fact that we are made of the stars, the wild, the air and water.




I was so inspired by this awesome artwork: called Sun Salutations, it is powered by the light from the sun, then, at night, it refracts back the day's energy patterns through moving waves of light.


We danced disco all over the cosmos.


Colourful light installation - the floor lights up at night with moving colours.

Sun Salutations, by Nikola Bašić.
Zadar, Croatia

Sun Salutations circular installation of solar panels, Zadar.
LED disco floor lit up at night.
Zadar Croatia - lit up at night.