The Girl With the Pearl Earring - by Johannes Vermeer.


kyärəˈsk(y)o͝orō | noun


1. The treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting.

2. Mid 17th century, from Italian: 


chiaro = ‘clear, bright’ (Latin clarus )

oscuro = ‘dark, obscure’ (Latin obscurus )


History is like a Rembrandt painting: some parts are clear, while others have been lost in the shadows of time.

Out of the shadows, the little details are illuminated - clear and bright, full of life immortal.

As I wandered Amsterdam's hallways, galleries, artists' studios and living quarters, visions came to me in fragments...


weathered leather seats, indicating the outline of the sitter.
several old protractors.
a box, dusty now, filled with butterflies stuck on pins.
a pair of reading glasses.
the set of eyes they belonged to: creased lids unable to hide the inquisitive twinkle held within.
a wicker chair, the seat of which is sagging.
a candle by the bed...
the bed itself is boxy, the pillows bolstered, the sleeper laying in a sitting position for health's sake.
a window overlooking the canals and passersby.
a sitter, on a settee, her gaze languid in the morning sun.
copper pots and pans, and a huge hearth in the downstairs kitchen.
thousands of chipped blue and white tiles, showing little boys and girls and windmills.
many creaky sets of stairs.
flowers in a vase, beside a moulding orange.
a stiff lace collar.
a human skull.
a set of used oil paints, and the smell of turpentine.

These are the fragments of beautiful human lives.

Dried thistle flowers on a leather seat in Rembrandt's house.
Small curios and compasses on a shelf in Rembrandt's old house.
Rembrandt portrait.
Pieces of coral and rainbows - a painter's collection.
A painter's palette - Rembrandt's house.
A candle illuminates a dark still life scene in an old dutch painting.
A beautiful old wicker chair in a dutch tiled kitchen - homes like a painting.
Old dutch painting of a lady with a stiff neck ruff.
Vase of Flowers by Jan Davidzs de Heem.
A dried thistle seed head on red wool.
A 17th century box bed in the dark and light of a candle.
Vase of Flowers dutch painting by Rachel Ruysch