Lights while driving - long exposure. every dark jazz club, in the smoky corners
I will never see such an odd assortment as
that April 2015, amongst the...

...scattered wineglasses and deep couches
a framed Picasso print
and a lady in a green sequined jacket
but that was not the oddest of things,
it was the... of people
variously arranged across the settee
a hodge-podge of personality:

a white haired Farrah Fawcett
the bobbed New York firecracker
and the one that looked uncannily like
Morgan Freeman,
not least of all, the little Taiwanese man
who kept elbowing Nicole
and making all manner of crude advances
which she...

...deftly ignored till he hummed in the background
absorbing instead their talk of the past
of a bar they once owned
home to food, drink and friends,
and to the band that was playing -
Oberton Berry - I seem to recall

...I cannot recollect rightly
all the details therein
for, I became tired, attention lingered
on the edge of sight and sound
their talk now the hum
to the music
and the buzzing of the wine;

I might as well have been asleep
dreaming of the city lights...

Overton Berry playing jazz in Seattle.
Lights on the highway with a long exposure.
Dim lighting and quirky objects at a jazz recital, hotel lobby in Seattle.
The regular crowd, Overton Berry jazz in Seattle.
Swirls of light on the highway, jazz lights.
Overton Berry playing in a hotel lobby, Seattle.
Chandelier in a hotel lobby, black and white photography.
A glass of wine and some jazz in a hotel lobby.