rainbow capsicums at the farmer's market Dunedin

Some Saturdays I would take a break from my studies, and accompany my family to the Saturday Farmer's Market.

It is such a joy to walk between the stalls, weaving through people, conversations, smells of hot pizza ovens, and the wafting lyrics of a busker with a guitar. 

The fresh produce is every changing, with misshapen organic oranges in the summer, and giant fronds of silver kale in the winter.

Then there are the ol' faithfuls - the pie cart, the juice place, and the woman selling Lebanese pastries and pickled vine leaves. 

Each person is a beautiful sight to behold at the Farmer's Market. A lady with purple tinged hair and wearing all red carries a straw basket full of carrots. A group of young beatniks congregate to talk academics by the coffee cart. Near the cheese stall, there is meeting between a grey haired man in a smart bowler hat, and a woman with a scarf that is all the colours of the rainbow. She is rolling a trolley bag to and from her house, to fill with a week's worth of groceries.

I am not so pragmatic, and all my money seems to disappear, only to reappear in the form of a very full stomach and empty tote bags.  

Saturday Otago Farmer's Market, Dunedin NZ
Wood fire Pizza Otago Farmer's Market
pizza dough farmer's market
crochet flags at farmer's market Dunedin
Berries chalkboard sign at Otago Farmer's Market
Granny Smith apples at farmer's market NZ
Flowers by the bundle at the farmer's market
girl with a balloon at the Dunedin Farmer's Market
Boy watching buskers at the Otago Farmer's Market

All photos were taken at the Otago Farmer's Market, which happens each Saturday beside the Dunedin Railway Station.