Reflecting sunset in a pool, and walking on water.


noun | /dəˈfyo͞oZHən/

1. The intermingling of substances,
by the natural movement of their particles.



    Coarse grains of sand between my toes.


Bending down by my knees to examine the spiral shells, I lose my sense of self for just a moment.
   In the details.


It is later than we intended and the light is failing fast.
Diffusing into darkness.


An hour earlier, I had talked with Jamie on the bus.
About everything and nothing.
I extracted parts of myself, placed them into conversations,
So that these now live on within her... Small moments of me.
   And vice versa.


At night, things lose their shape, disappearing under a dim blanket.
Maybe we do too,
  Perhaps we simply diffuse
    Into the darkness. 


North Berwick houses along the shore.
Coloured sea port houses in North Berwick
Model boat in a brick window, in the Scottish sea town of North Berwick
Small house with a pastel green door and port hole window.
Tiny colourful houses on the Scottish coast of North Berwick.
Lighthouse on a rocky coast, seen through the eye of a telescope.
Sunset over the Scottish coast - purple colours and rocks.
Puffin Cottage, North Berwick.
Purple sand and black seaweed and small limpet shells.
Sea water reflecting the pink and purple sunset, North Berwick.
North Berwick at dusk, when the sunset makes silhouettes of the houses by the shore.
Christmas lights at dusk, North Berwick.
Christmas lights in bare tree branches.