winter wonderland Finland

❄ ❄ ❄

The White Witch walked
through the groves
of Finnish woods

Dusting powder here and there
Till the trees were lost against the sky

In carpets and cloaks of snow

She hung her mantle on the roadside
Where the blackberries appeared last autumn

Air and silence

Afternoon sunset
Endless dawn
Early evening
The skies open onto a great swath of stars

Pale faced moons and milk
She seems sweet
Children sledding in the morning

Crone like
Wisest, veiled one
Frozen, cold and dark
She turns the wheel


Soothing voice now
Singing to trees
Sap lays sleeping
Rest and look inwards

Destroyer of old
She allows the new to come forth
Birthing the Spring
Crocuses and bird song

❄ ❄ ❄

snow covered tall pines
walking through snow
traditional Finnish house
oliver pilas snowboarder
winter in Finland
frosted window panes
endless dawn
winter in Finland
Zoe in Finland
pines covered in snow
night sky from Finland
Finnish farmhouse
snow flakes on pine needles
stacked firewood
bare branches
winter magic
finnish sauna in winter
snow piled on trees
igloo in Finland under stars
small wooden cabin Finland
lamp light