Full moon in a purple sunset over Grand Junctions flat topped mountains.


A frisbee is thrown on the Moon.
On Earth this frisbee would generate lift as a result of its shape. On the Moon, the absence of air means it will fly like a rock, regardless of its form.

The frisbee will travel a distance of d = v^2/g
where v is velocity and g is lunar gravitational acceleration -
which is roughly six times smaller than g on Earth. 

Thus, the frisbee will travel roughly six times farther than a rock thrown on Earth. 

I could not get over how beautiful the moon looked. It hovered in a purple dreamscape, opposite the sun, and above the flat mesa tops of the cliffs. 

I was struck by the peculiar feeling of a dissociative person looking at their own reflection. The land around me was a variation of pockmarked, hillocked, and rocky strips, with small craters here and there, all scattered among flat patches of dry desert tundra grass. It was not unlike the moon there, or at least, it fit my imaginings pretty closely.

I sat a while, just thinking about the wonders of the Universe, while the others continued to play frisbee.


Aerobie pro frisbee.
Grand Junction CO looks like the surface of the moon.
Sitting on the dry grass.
Full moon and purple sunset in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Playing frisbee on golden grass