Mister whiskers with green eyes.

Its is a comforting feeling that overcomes me,

while watching the cat kneading a fuzzy blanket.

Eyes closed, zoning out to all but the sensation

of blue fur on paw pads

Cocooning himself in the layers and folds

He teaches me the pleasures 

Of what Italians call

dulce far niente  

The sweetness of doing nothing. 


I love to sit with his body curled into the

Fold of my legs and the blanket

The panes have that look of frostbite about the edges again

Nothing could pull me from the sweetness of the bed warmth

Instead it is best to lay there and read; us two -

Utterly companionable in moments of quietude

Us two

Not so dissimilar. 


Stretching kitty in a soft blanket.
Kneading cat on fluffy blanket.
Cat yoga - Mr Whiskers stretches like crazy.
Sleeping cat.