Amethyst crystal geode - close up detail.

I write this holding a citrine crystal. 
The two points are wrapped in silver wire, 
Forming a circle, like a gold window in a silver frame,
The light from the window is distorted by a thousand rough facets.

Yesterday I learnt something:
A rock passed
a Geiger Counter
Will emit a faint charge
   --- A barely audible buzz ---
       From delicate particles
             Floating 'round
                  the outer surface.

The human body, too
Works in mysterious ways
Maps and fields
Terms that would delight any geologist
Notebook at the ready:
* Fields of flowering electrons
* Flowing through a map of pathways,
* Floating 'round
 the outer surface.

The frequencies of these Earth-bits
Are stable, constant.
Less entropy, you see.
Used in the screen
That houses my words
From which you read.
Used in the clocks,
That one your grandpa wears
On his bony wrist.
Used by doctors,
For lasers and such things.
Scientists must believe in the
Generative frequencies of gemstones.

The rest lies in conjecture
And the realms of my own experience.

What beautiful realms they are.

Cabinet of crystals at the Leadville mining museum.
Cornetite natural bright blue mineral formation.
Rhodochrosite rose crystals - pastel pink.





Yesterday I touched both my palms to a rock that was dated at 4 billion years old.
I tried to read the secrets of the stone with my fingers.
A stone that knew the earth in its infancy.

We speak of muscle memory, and the memory of organs after a transplant. What of the memory of the earth?

Mineral memory. Crystal impressions.
A memory that reaches back millions, or billions
of earth years.
That speaks of creation.

Wet your finger with your tongue and run it over a crystal goblet, to hear a resonance created from vibrations. Kiss a smooth rock, and watch the water from your lips seep into the surface.

Look up to the dome of a stone Cathedral
Up to the place where the music gathers
To the stones that absorb and refract the chanting of the monks,
and have done so for millennia.





Pink fibrous Sugilite.
Pink Rhodonite crystals from Chiurucu, Peru.
Celestite sulphur point crystals with yellow crystal base.