luna spectre specs


The world of fiction is full of quirky characters, and while Dumbledore may be my favourite character from the ubiquitous Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood has to come in at a close second. 

In many ways, the character of Luna reminds me of my younger self: a bit of a daydreamer; an oddball with many fancies, beliefs, ideas. Someone you would describe as 'off with the fairies.' 

More recently, I have been wanting to get back in touch with that younger self of mine. Luna inspires me, with her bare feet, her love for life, her belief in the unseen, and her acceptance of others. 

So here's to the Luna's of the world...

luna spectre specs

...and their rose-coloured spectre specs...

luna diadem

... and their belief in diadems, crumple-horned-snorkacks and nargles...
...and their weird habit of reading upside-down....

luna radish earrings

...and their radish earrings...

luna bare feet

...and their bare feet.

luna style