Let's be adventurers - climbing Montserrat


Walking the paths of Montserrat with Oliver, I felt a deep-rooted longing.

I wished only to reach the very top,
where all points converged,
and then to dissolve into the wind
- starting from the ends of my hair, to my fingertips.


It was the kind of longing I feel when I spot the ocean in the distance, the kind that fills my heart when I see an eagle tilting between the shifting clouds above, the kind that makes me reach my feet into the air, toes grasping at sky, when I am on a playground swing. Like a chest-wrenching-heart-ache to break free of earthly bonds and meld into the sea or sky. 

Oliver felt it too.


So we let everything go, painted our faces with red earth,
then ran headlong up the mountain
till we were no longer running, but jumping into the wind. 

Montserrat mountains and eucalyptus leaves
Walking Montserrat mountain trails, above the monastery.
Setting up a tent at the campsite on Montserrat
Blue skies and puffy little clouds
War paint and hiking
Small succulents and flowers in the mountains of Spain
Sitting on the mountains of Montserrat above Catalonia
Montserrat old monasteries in the mountains
Medieval part of Montserrat monasteries in the caves and hills
Sunset on Montserrat