Xel Ha lagoon - green waters and palm trees.






You can see the different colours
in the water. Yeah, like the greens and blues.
I was four or three
back then.
Here, let me get the picture!
It was like a river. These fish,
they bite. They were defending their babies.
I like jellyfish, but the thing
that I don't want to do
is get stung by them.
Piranhas bark like dogs, that's
what it said on National Geographic.
What is a lagoon? That is a
good question. It says here
it is a body of water
from the sea. So it is pretty much the sea
but separated naturally. 
Seaweed where? Oh there. I am saying thanks
to water for having seaweed. I would touch that
starfish. I would just let it go. You have to leave nothing
and take nothing with you. 
Have you seen a crab? Brenda said
now she didn't see a single one. So they're
I'm a triple water sign. I want people to
stop all those bad stuffs that the
Earth does not like, like Pepsi and pollution.
Hey Cammy, you wanna go find feathers?

Green waters and puffy clouds at Xel Ha lagoon, Mexico.
Moss covered rocks underwater with small fish.
Hammocks on palm trees - at Xel Ha.
Xel Ha Lagoon - turquoise waters and snorkelers. 
Swimming in the underground rivers of Xcaret, Mexico.
The rivers at Xcaret, in Cancun.
Yellow and black striped fish in a lagoon, Akumal, Mexico.
Swimming with flippers in Half Moon Bay, Akumal.
Seaweed and sunlight on the surface of the sea. 
Floating seaweed and clear turquoise waters.
A small coral reef in the sea off the coast of Akumal, Mexico.