Formed By the spaces between...

The capture of shadows and light...

Almost ephemeral...




This is a project I completed at fashion school, for a module called 'Laser Cutting and Intaglio.'

My initial concepts focused on the idea of spaces between things - the stuff that isn't there. Lace is a good example of this, as it is made of mostly holes. So, I researched the history of lace, and of lace collars. I then went on to make a laser-cutting design that played on the idea of space by layering chiffon cut as lace, to create different tones against the collar-bone of the wearer.

Still exploring the idea of the spaces between things, I decided to only use scraps of material which were left over from other projects - the rejects and the bits left between pattern pieces.




As the project progressed, it developed, and I became interested in all things ephemeral:

those things that exist in a state between life and death; existing and non-existent. Temporary.

I began to play with shadow and light, using these to create momentary jewellery that I then immortalised in photography and in ink printing. 

I captured delicate petals inside chiffon, trapping them for the duration of their short life. 

My friend helped me to pour baby-powder on my neck in lace flowered patterns, creating a necklace that would blow away with a puff of wind.

I scratched a design into clear plastic, hung it above my collar bone to create a shadow box. The space between gathered all those reflections and patterns.

I placed this plastic jewellery onto a mirror, standing in the reflection to emulate a necklace on the person staring back at me.