Harry Potter theme tune piano


One of the only piano pieces I can play by heart is the opening of Hedwig's Theme, from the Harry Potter movies. Composed by John Williams, it is one of several leitmotifs from the first movie. The notes are simple, but the tune is otherworldly: describing a kind of childlike wonder and enchantment. My piano version is a bit wonky, and still needs some fine-tuning, but I like to work on it occasionally, simply playing it out by ear.

Here is my current, plinky plonky version of Hedwig's Theme:


b e g f# e b a f#

e g f# d f b

b e g f# e b d g# c 

g c b Bb Bb g e

g b g b g c b Bb

f# g b Bb Bb c b

g b g b g d c# c 

g# c b Bb Bb g e