The gorgeous Havasu Falls of Havasupai in Spring.


I use my legs with gratitude everyday,

to walk and run and hike.


But when I came upon this place,


then I felt I could lay aside my weary legs

and take up a tail.



dragonflies and moon milk:

a turquoise honey flowing from the crystal caverns

of the inner Earth

pours into a great dusty sand bowl

settling into white baths

that overflow like spilled sunshine.



We were the ones who woke at 3

under stars

in the back of the car

to stretch tired bones

undertaking pilgrimage

to this sacred site.

Pockets filled with smiles, seeds and a little

leftover cabbage

we followed the river lines

along the canyon walls.

Breath . Breath . Breath

A sunrise and purple flowers.

Shaded alcoves and

the sound of hooves from far away.

Pink blooming cactus rose

and a lazy afternoon spent sleeping when the sun was out.


Awakening only to find I am still dreaming...



 Red rocks of the Grand Canyon at midday, with sun halos.
 Horses running free in the Havasupai Canyon.
 Mooney Falls in Spring time with turquoise waters falling into a blue pool.
 The mermaid milky blue pools of Havasu Falls, with lush forest islands.
 Havasu Falls and calcite terraces.
 Brenda yogi meditating as a mermaid in the waters of Havasupai.
 Pink cactus flower in the Grand Canyon.
 The incredible Mooney Waterfall at Havasupai. Crystal blue waters in red rocks.
 Walking in a state of bliss.
 The milky blue waters of Havasupai, where you can swim in mermaid pools.
 Sign for Havasu Falls and Campground.
 A mermaid pool of blue water and flowers.
 Pink cactus flower in Arizona desert.
 A brown and white spotted wild horse in Havasupai.
 Swimming in the clear blue-green waters of Havasu Falls - real mermaid.
 Purple flowers blooming at dawn in the Grand Canyon.