fire and water




: a volcanic landform created by the cooling of molten lava in wet lands.

And how beautiful they were, these embankments and embodiments of complete destructive force. A landscape birthed during a quarrel of the elements, resulting in a rendering and wrenching of the crust.

A deconstruction, of sorts.

I thought to myself a while about the nature of things.

. . .

Here is what I thought:

The beauty of this land exists not in spite of the destruction that occurred here, but wholly because of it. Sometimes an event can seem utterly ruinous, but will act as the catalyst for a beautiful and powerful change.

A phoenix arises from the ashes.

Destruction is just another form of creation.


myvatn lake
volcanic rock
fire and water
red land burning
myvatn pseudocraters
icelandic sheep
myvatn pseudocraters
pseudocrater edge

For those wondering where to find such an impressive landscape - 
look to Myvatn, in the North of Iceland.