Fall in the the aspen groves of Colorado, at the golden hour.  


- Colette

Depths of dark greenery, illusion of stability, incautious promise of duration! We gaze at these things and say: “Now this is really summer.” But at that moment, as in a windless dawn there sometimes floats an imperceptible humidity, a circle of vapor betraying by its presence in a field the subterranean stream beneath, just so, predicted by a bird, by a wormy apple with a hectically illuminated skin, by a smell of burning twigs, of mushrooms and of half-dried mud, the autumn at that moment steals unseen through the impassive summer…
Fall leaves in Colorado aspen forest.  
The Crystal Mill in Fall, with yellow leaves and blue waterfall.  
Yellow leaves in Fall, Colorado outdoors. 
Snow melt forms rivers in the mountains.  
Yellow leaves on aspen trees. 
Aspen leaves and pine needles.  
Autumn in the Rocky Mountains. 
The Crystal Mill in Fall, rushing waterfall and river.  
Snow melt turns to rivers in the Fall.  
Yellow leaves and moss on a rock. 
lizard lake colorado
Fall reflections in a puddle. 
Yellow and orange aspen leaves among the trunks of trees. 
Exploring the aspen groves of Colorado.