Duddingston cottage among trees.


If I could live anywhere, it would be in a tiny village. One with a small communal area: a village square maybe, or even a fire pit would do; a place where the other villagers would come to chat, and to hold celebrations and play the guitar.

It would be a village on the verge of the wild, where paddocks adjoin with forest and fen, and the blackberries grow wild. 

There will be a small pub, or an inn, where they brew the best beer in the region in large mismatched glasses. 

There will be spring days, and laughing children, and running through meadows, and there will be cold winters spent indoors reading books by an open fire, and of course there will be the huge communal garden where I can go and smell the tomato plants. 

But most of all, I look forward to the company. I take great joy in learning from the people around me, hearing their stories and their wisdom. There is nothing like a tiny community of people, sharing the strange and awesome moments of life.  

Squirrel in a dark green tree, on the branch.
Blackberries and purple daisies in Duddingston Village, Edinburgh.
Flowers over a fence in the small village of Duddingston, Edinburgh.
Young girl standing on tiptoe at the Sheep Hied Inn, Edinburgh.
Duddingston Loch - lake in autumn.
Duddingston Village houses - little stone houses in Scottish style.