On the beach in Brisbane, between the flags, Australia.


The vines of the fig trees, like roots out of earth.
My Grandpa feeding the crows.
Air conditioning - old fans rattling.
White sand beaches.
Straw hats. Light filtering through the cracks onto my face.
Opening the car window to a deafening noise: birds, cicadas, the tumult of the jungle.
Looping jungle rivers laden with crocs.
High rise buildings and dead palm fronds.
Picking up the moon jellies, and swimming in a sea of stingers. 
Low hanging clouds, dense on the hills.
Field after field of sugar cane rows.
That time the villagers chased a poisonous snake out of the village.
Skateboarders on concrete sidewalks.
The air so humid it feels like an indoor swimming pool.
Squeak of the screen door.
Ants along the pavement.
Currents of blue in a wide ocean.
Sweet tropical fruit: dragon . lychee . star. 
Swirling clouds of a thousand bats over the city at dusk.
The children of Yarrabah, riding bareback on stray horses.
Cockroaches and a praying mantis.
Surfboard paradise.
Two young girls playing on the swings by the sea, and talking to me of their ancestry.
Critters: snakes . crocs . koalas . free roaming kangas.
Sleeping with only one thin cotton sheet. Still being hot.
Water, water everywhere - in rivers, falls, ocean and air.


The Gold Coast as seen from a plane.
High rise buildings near Brisbane
A girl on a long board by the beach in Aussie.
Palm trees moving in the wind, a gif.
Turquoise patterns made by currents in the sea.
Coconut water by the pool
Australian surfer with his surf board.
A koala sleeping in the crook of a tree.
Two young aboriginal girls playing on the swings.
Palm trees and high rise buildings on the Gold Coast.
A turquoise wave breaking at surfers paradise, Australia.
The beautiful beach at surfer's paradise.
Dannin and Oliver look alike in Australia - hats and singlets.
Wild kangaroos and a joey.
Fig tree roots in Australia.
Tropical Australian fruit - dragon fruit, fresh lychees and star fruit.
Sugar cane fields in Australia's tropical climate.
A brown river snaking through the Australian rainforest, in Cannes.
Black and red cockatoo in Australia.
The Kuranda scenic train driving through the rainforest.
Bats flying around the city of Cannes at dusk.
The full moon over Cannes shoreline and city lights.